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Investing in our future means that we are always seeking ambitious graduates keen to join the CVS New Graduate Programme.

First class fully supportive graduate programme

We have introduced a unique talent programme that newly qualified veterinary surgeons can apply for. To help reach each vets potential, the programme will help to develop behaviours and veterinary skills in small animal practice.

The structured programme, which includes working at our designated CVS practices with dedicated time to learn new skills and the support of an experienced Veterinary Surgeon as a mentor, will provide a solid foundation on which to build a rewarding long-term career with CVS

CVS New Graduate Programme is a two year supportive comprehensive practical and theory based programme providing new graduate vets essential CPD required for their first job working in practice. It provides new grads the opportunity to be mentored at a practice level with a national support network, plus the opportunity to meet up with other New Graduates on a regular basis.

The clinics where New Graduates are placed are successful and well equipped clinics with well-structured consulting and operating times. This coupled with experienced teams of nurses and receptionists will allow the opportunity to develop skills both clinically and commercially.



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Current Vacancies
Anne Hardy

Anne Handy's story

The CVS New Graduate programme attracted me when I was looking for my first role in practice with its structured approach to developing my career. I soon discovered that the programme exceeded expectations and has proven an ideal transition from the relatively safe environment of University to the real world of being a vet. It has focused on teaching us the basics which all new graduates really need; routine operations, ophthalmology, dermatology, emergency and critical care, and so much more.

I have really enjoyed meeting up with the other new graduates each month and to compare our achievements. The sometimes stressful steep learning curve of the first year on the front line has been made a much more exciting and constructive experience. I am looking forward to the second year graduate scheme and the support from CVS in starting a Surgical Certificate next year.

Anne Handy BVetMed (Hons) MRCVS

Georgios Evangelou's story

I joined Campbells Veterinary Surgery in Swansea as a full-time veterinary surgeon. Straight after I had the opportunity to attend several internal CPD events in some of the CVS’s largest sites across the UK. There I had the opportunity to meet the other new graduates of the company and therefore start new friendships. In addition I have improved my knowledge and skills in important topics such as communication in the consultation room, exotics, common emergencies, critical care, dermatology and many more.

I like being part of the program because it was tailored to me and helped me to have the best start in my practice. It also enabled me to improve my skills and confidence in the daily routine of the practice.

Georgios Evangelou DVM MRCVS