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Anthony O’Mahony

Clinical Director, Ayres Veterinary Hospital

Anthony O’Mahony Graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 1979. He spent 9 years in large animal practice before joining Ayres Veterinary Practice for a 2 year period. Having failed to make his fare home he became a partner and the rest is history. Anthony has a strong commitment to practice development and has overseen many changes over the last 27 years. He is focused on providing a complete service to the client families and their pets. Underpinning this is a belief in providing the practice team with structured professional development and adherence to highest Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Standards. Anthony considers himself to be a generalist having and interest in all areas of both medicine and surgery. His interest in maintaining clinical standards is reflected in the constant evolution of practice clinical protocols ensuring the care given is of the highest quality. Everything from hand washing through to the surgical techniques employed is reviewed and benchmarked against the latest evidence. He encourages all members of the practice team to be involved in this process. Within CVS he is a member of the clinical advisory committee which is responsible for maintaining medical standards in the company. When asked what he considers to be his greatest profession achievements he states “learning to question accepted opinion and a belief that vets have a duty to enable owners to make informed choices for their pets”.