Belinda Andrews-Jones, Director of Nursing, CVS

Belinda Andrews-Jones Director of Nursing has been appointed to the RCVS VN Council

24th July 2018

CVS is proud to announce that Belinda Andrews-Jones, Director of Nursing has been appointed to the RCVS Veterinary Nurses (VN) Council.

Belinda was appointed Director of Nursing at CVS in 2016. She has had a long and varied career in veterinary nursing for 27 years and has worked in most areas of nursing from  general practice, referral, emergency and critical care, large animal to equine as well as teaching veterinary and veterinary nurse students, giving her a solid ground to represent nurses.

Her role at CVS includes representing, supporting and developing all of the CVS veterinary nursing teams. She contributes and represents CVS nurses at internal and external committees; develops and maintains all nursing protocols; liaising with governing and professional bodies; working closely with other clinical departments to create a quality improvement framework; developing career paths, contributes to the learning and development strategy for nurses and many more.

Belinda commented, “I started my veterinary nursing career because I wanted to help animals. Through my career I have realised that by helping veterinary nurses be the best they can, that will help more animals. This is just taking it further, that I will be able to help make a positive difference to so many more veterinary nurses, which will lead to better veterinary care. I am delighted to be joining the RCVS VN Council. This is an important opportunity to help and support the RCVS in their commitment to veterinary care.

It is imperative that large groups of veterinary nurses like the veterinary nurses of CVS (UK) Limited, are represented on council. RCVS decisions impact many aspects of our practices and our veterinary professionals, which effects our ability deliver quality veterinary nursing care.

The RCVS faces many challenges in the forthcoming years, with the revision of the veterinary surgeons act. I am looking forward to being part of such change. I hope this will lead to better regulations for the profession to enable more transparency to veterinary professionals and the animal owning public. I am very passionate that any new legislation must not lead to over regulation. This will lead to a compromise to the ability of the veterinary nursing profession to function and deliver quality veterinary care.

I look forward to representing the veterinary nurse profession on all fronts and can’t wait to start taking the bull by the horns and get started.”