CVS Backs Mission Rabies with Malawi Donation

5th December 2014

CVS is to donate 20,000 syringes to Mission Rabies, an initiative from Worldwide Veterinary Services (WVS) and Dogs Trust, which runs mass dog vaccination campaigns in rabies hot spots around the world. The donated syringes will be used as part of Mission Rabies’ upcoming project in Malawi, scheduled for May 2015. They will be used in the city of Blantyre, which records the highest annual rate of child rabies deaths in the whole of Africa.
WVS provides veterinary resources to help animal welfare charities and not-for-profit organisations around the world with rabies control a particular focus. CVS is the UK’s largest and fastest-growing corporate veterinary practice.
Commenting on the CVS donation, Luke Gamble, WVS CEO, said: “Rabies is a global problem and leads to the suffering and premature deaths of many thousands of people and dogs. In 2013 we ran a mass vaccination programme in India during which we vaccinated 117,858 dogs. We are now focusing on other high risk countries, including Malawi, in our quest to eliminate rabies from the world by 2030.
“We are very grateful to this fantastic donation from CVS, which is a strong supporter of our work. Children are dying almost daily in Blantyre from rabies, yet their deaths are entirely preventable. Our work in Malawi next year will be the first step in starting to rid the city – and the country – of this dreadful disease.”
Barry Brackner, Marketing and Commercial Director at CVS, commented: “Mission Rabies is achieving so much. In addition to protecting many thousands of people and dogs from this awful disease, it is educating communities on rabies control and improving the welfare of thousands of dogs as they are often indiscriminately and inhumanely killed in large numbers in the vain hope of preventing the disease. We are delighted to make this donation and urge others in the industry and profession to join us in supporting this vital campaign.”
Dec 14