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CVS Group appoints Director of Veterinary Education

12th July 2018

CVS is delighted to announce that it has appointed Professor Renate Weller to the newly-created position of Director of Veterinary Education. Professor Weller will join other vets leading the CVS Practice Division and her role will be to develop and deliver educational and clinical training strategies for vets and nurses within the company.

Professor Weller is currently professor and associate dean for undergraduate teaching at the Royal Veterinary College and is one of the few vets who has been awarded a National Teaching Fellowship by the Higher Education Academy, the highest accolade for a university teacher in the UK. As Professor of Comparative Imaging and Biomechanics she divides her time between clinical work, research and teaching.

Prior to taking up this role she has worked in primary and referral veterinary practice in different countries and has been actively involved in the development and delivery of veterinary education from the very beginning of her career. Professor Weller has a background in diagnostic imaging and locomotion and has implemented a whole range of innovative educational programmes for vets and veterinary nurses but also allied professions complementing traditional face-to-face delivery with modern, digital mobile learning. With her grounding in veterinary practice and her experience in education she is ideally suited to develop and deliver CVS’s vision to offer their employees the best opportunities for their professional development.

CVS Chief Executive, Simon Innes said: “This is a landmark appointment for CVS with another outstanding individual joining us to lead our company’s activity in the area of veterinary education. Professor Weller is a proven leader in veterinary undergraduate and postgraduate education and has an extensive portfolio of pedagogical and clinical research. We will be supporting her strategy with further investment in educational and training needs so that our clinical staff can learn and develop themselves throughout their careers. Attrition from veterinary practice is a big issue at the current time and we believe that education and training is one way to improve satisfaction in the clinical workplace.”

On behalf of the CVS Practice Division, Professor John Innes commented: “We are absolutely delighted that Renate has joined us. She has been widely recognised for her contributions in veterinary education and also as an inspirational teacher. Renate is a visionary person with boundless energy and we look forward to working with her to deliver an outstanding learning culture within CVS. Importantly, it is great to see a female veterinary leader and role-model join our senior veterinary team.”

Professor Weller commented: “I am super excited about this new role. I care very deeply about our profession and I am worried about vets and vet nurses leaving what could be the greatest profession in the world. As a university educator I have been trying my best to prepare our graduates to not only cope but to enjoy the challenges our job brings. This new role puts me in the great position to help people fulfil their potential and develop themselves further after they have entered the profession. We are all very highly driven and compassionate people and identify ourselves deeply with our professional roles. Job satisfaction is closely linked to general happiness in life and I feel that CVS is doing what they can to create the framework and culture for people to enjoy their work. I am really looking forward to contribute to this by driving CVS’s vision to support their people through educational development.

Professor Weller will take up her appointment on 1st October 2018.