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CVS Group colleagues from around the UK raise £40,000 for Dogs Trust

9th November 2018

CVS Group is delighted to announce that it has raised £40,000 so far in 2018 for Dogs Trust and presented a cheque to Dogs Trust at the CVS annual conference on 2nd November.

Simon Innes CVS CEO presented the cheque to Leila Farndell, Corporate partnership Officer from Dogs Trust who attended with David Evans and Jo Poyner from Kenilworth rehoming centre with dogs Bingo and Harlequin who have recently been re-homed to Dogs Trust colleagues.

Leila Farndell commented: “We’re incredibly thankful to everyone from CVS for their amazing fundraising efforts so far. On behalf of all the dogs in our care we’d like to say a big waggy tailed thank you.”

Fundraising across UK sites included marathon running, baking and open days.