CVS 100th Practice Award at Raddenstiles Vets

CVS Group proudly reaches milestone 100th RCVS Practice Standard Award

22nd February 2019

CVS Group practice Raddenstiles Veterinary Surgery has achieved CVS’s 100th RCVS Practice Standard Award, leading the way amongst the corporate groups in the number of awards achieved.

Richard Killen, Clinical Services Director commented, “We are delighted to have achieved such a great milestone that we had set for ourselves, as we place patient and client care at the heart of what we do.  It’s great to see practices embrace our quality improvement ethos and work hard to achieve the high standards set by the Royal College.”

Raddenstiles Veterinary Surgery is a small animal practice in Exmouth which started in 1976.

Adrian Baverstock, Practice Manager from Raddenstiles commented, “A lot of time and effort goes into preparing for the awards and it is very much a team effort. You give it your best shot and then have a nerve wracking few hours while the inspection takes place until the verdict is delivered.  I must say that I think that the RCVS awards and indeed the whole process, is excellent. Preparing for an award really makes you stop and think about what you do and how you do it. Changes you make as a result of the process can only be for the better and drive quality improvement. Next stop is the ‘Patient consultation service’ award.”

Other recent Award achievers include Claremont who received outstanding, Alver Veterinary Group in Hampshire and Valley Veterinary Group in Scotland and Marske in Yorkshire.