CVS proudly supports development of groundbreaking tool to assesses quality of life for horses and ponies with common hormone disorder

2nd September 2022

As part of CVS’ Clinical Research Award Programme, researchers at the RVC are receiving funding to support their work developing and assessing a new tool that will evaluate the quality of life of both horses and ponies suffering from a common hormone disorder, Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction (PPID).

The data and findings of the tool will then be used to aid vets and owners in making informed decisions about treatment options for affected horses. You can read more about the project here.

Imogen Schofield, Veterinary Statistician and Epidemiologist at CVS explains “The CVS Clinical Research Awards are an industry-first initiative where CVS colleagues and academics from universities or research institutes in the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands can apply for a research grant from CVS. We’re delighted to be supporting this important research at the Royal Veterinary College. It will build on our profession’s understanding of the impact of this complex disease and will guide management decision-making, to ensure that affected animals receive the best possible care. As such it is a great example of the kind of progress we hope to support with our Clinical Research Awards.”

Find out more about, or apply for a CVS Research award here.