CVS releases 2022 Quality Improvement Report

12th June 2023

Our Quality Improvement report is published today and it features some of the important work we did as a company to improve the quality of our care.

The 2022 report features work on these themes in the quality improvement process:

  • Breaking new ground – with relevant and practical Research & Development that can ensure we provide and recommend the best possible care to animals
  • Developing a culture where everybody can contribute – and we talk about the importance of our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Programme
  • Developing a learning environment – which supports learning, education and development and ensures we collaborate and share best practice.
  • Empowering teams to make change – by improving processes and removing obstacles that get in the way of good veterinary care.
  • Growing a culture of continuous improvement – supporting practice teams to make it easier to improve the care they provide including with better data. In the report we look at efforts to improve our use of antibiotics; the use of ongoing patient data in out referral hospitals; and the development of a QI works team in our farm practice.
  • Meeting or exceeding standards and being open to third party scrutiny – by fully engaging with the RCVS Practice Standards Scheme

Angela Rayner, CVS Director of Quality Improvement said: “ An organisation that is committed to quality improvement should be prepared to share its results, celebrate progress and recognise success in learning, which is what we aim to achieve with this report. We thank the thousands of CVS colleagues whose dedication to providing the best care for animals has made all this possible.”

Read the full CVS Quality Improvement Report