CVS Specialists Publish Multiple Peer-reviewed Papers During 2015-2016

1st August 2016

Teams at CVS referral centres, including ChesterGates, Highcroft, Lumbry Park, Dovecote and Grove Referrals, published 26 peer-reviewed papers in the year ending June 2016, in addition to several review papers and textbook chapters. The practices say that these scientific papers, written on topics across the small animal medicine, surgery and cardiology spectrum, confirm the commitment of its specialists to driving forward their clinical research programmes within CVS.

CVS Referrals Director, Professor John Innes said: “We are seeing significant and rapid change in the veterinary referral and primary care sectors and I believe it is very important that CVS clinical teams engage with universities to progress the development of veterinary medicine. The list of publications from CVS vets in the last year demonstrates how we are working with both the established and newer veterinary schools across the UK and also some overseas institutions.  Not only do these projects involve our Specialist vets, but we are also involved with large primary care projects such as SAVSNet and VetCompass. The large network of CVS practices also helps us to roll out important research findings efficiently, accelerating their impact and helping to enhance veterinary care.

“The volume of peer-reviewed papers produced by our teams over the last 12 months is excellent and I’m proud to see them publishing their work and collaborating with academic colleagues to progress the field of veterinary medicine and surgery.”