First Triathlon for Chester Bride-to-Be

13th July 2015

Clare OldfieldA veterinary nurse from Chester is set to undertake her first triathlon in July just a month before her wedding. She is undertaking the challenge at The Meadows in Chester on 26 July 2015. One month later, on 29 August, she is set to wed fiancé Andrew Jones and is hoping she won’t be walking down the aisle with a black eye or broken arm!

Clare Oldfield, 29, is a Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN) working at Birch Heath Veterinary Clinic, a small animal and exotic practice in Tarporley. The triathlon involves a 750m open water swim in the River Dee, a 25 km bike ride and a 5 km run. She is fundraising for Support Dogs, a charity dedicated to increasing independence and quality of life for people with medical conditions by training and supporting specialist assistance dogs. It currently trains Autism Assistance Dogs, Disability Assistance Dogs and Seizure Alert Dogs.

Clare says:
“I started to think about undertaking a triathlon about a year and half ago after I started open water swimming at Manley Mere. Earlier this year, I decided I wanted one more challenge before I got married and to do something to help me raise money for a charity I really believe in.

“I have been running for five years and enjoy swimming though I’m still a novice when it comes to open water swimming. The hardest bit for me is the cycling. I’m currently training on my mum’s road bike.   It’s the part of the event that is the longest in distance and it is certainly the most painful – my bottom can vouch for that!

“My training regime is tough as it has to fit around work and wedding planning! Much of it takes place before work. I do a four mile outdoor run once or twice a week, a 70 lap x25m swim at my local pool once or twice a week and a ten mile bike ride in the gym. On my day off and at weekends I’ve been doing a 25km outdoor bike ride followed immediately by a 5 km run, or a 70 lap swim followed by a 5 km run. I’ve yet to put all three together!”