CVS 2019 Conference, held at International Convention Centre in Birmingham

New era of change at CVS 2019 Conference

3rd December 2019

CVS marks a new era of change at the 2019 CVS Conference as new CEO Richard Fairman opens the conference and announces the new maternity policy

New Chief Executive Officer Richard Fairman opened the CVS 2019 Conference at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham with over 800 delegates in attendance on the 29th November.

The conference was an opportunity to thank colleagues, celebrate success, and recognise over CVS award finalists and winners.

CVS took the opportunity with such a large delegation present to launch its new maternity policy, which will offer enhancement at 100% of full pay for 10 weeks, and 50% of full pay for a further 10 weeks, without any clawback provision should mothers decide not to return to CVS after their leave.

Chief Operating Officer Ben Jacklin commented: “I am absolutely delighted to be part of a company so focused on putting people first. Launching this benefit is not only a proud moment for the company, but a long overdue step forward for our profession.”

Across the two day conference, delegates were invited to select from over 48 elective CPD sessions and saw Professor Renate Weller launch the CVS Knowledge Hub, an interactive learning platform which sets a new benchmark for veterinary learning in large employers. Both clinical and non-clinical roles will now have access to a huge suite of blended learning opportunities both within and outside CVS, to enable the company to further deliver its commitment to lifelong career and personal development.