Joining CVS

Interested in joining CVS?

There are two main ways for a business to join CVS – by aquisition or through the buying group. Everything that you need to know is detailed below.

Interested in selling your practice?

At CVS we are constantly looking for good quality practices for integration into our existing network. We are prepared to look at any veterinary practice but the ideal profile is:

  • Located in populous areas.
  • Preferably three vet minimum, although smaller practices will be considered where they are close to one of our existing facilities.
  • Good parking on site or close by.
  • The present owners are prepared to continue working in the practice, at least for a transition period.
  • Laboratories or other service providers to the profession may also be of interest.

If you are interested in entering into exploratory discussions, without obligation, contact:

Mike Vaughan BVetMed MRCVS on 01502 725109 or 07793 675973 or email


Steve Scully on 07769 249224 or email

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Interested in joining the buying group?

Practices can join the buying group by contacting us on telephone: 0845 057 5550 or emailing The team would be delighted to provide the practice with a net pricing comparison so they can see what incredible savings they could potentially be making with MVC and also provide details of the other extensive member benefits.

Recent acquisitions

At CVS we have over 380 practices and are always looking for new people to join us. Here you can see the most recent aquisitions that have joined the CVS Group.


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CVS Group - veterinary


CVS has over 380 veterinary practices, and is always looking for new investments. The transition process can often seem daunting, but we are here to make sure things run as smoothly as possible , and that acquisitions are seen as a positive step.

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