CVS Research Grants

Our Clinical Research Grants are unique in the industry.

CVS is proud to offer funding for veterinary clinical research that aims to benefit the animals under veterinary care, and research that supports the veterinary profession in providing the best possible care to animals.

What we fund 

What we do not fund

Clinical veterinary research: We support clinical veterinary research, including Quality Improvement projects, which aim to generate new knowledge that has a direct benefit to animals cared for by the veterinary profession.  

Experimental research: Any interventions on animals (including obtaining samples) must be considered part of recognised veterinary practice (and fall under The Veterinary Surgeons Act in the UK). Investigators should be familiar with UK law regarding research on animals and these standards will be applied to all territories (advice is available if necessary to applicants from Ireland, Australia and the Netherlands).   

Research supporting the veterinary profession: We fund research that aims to generate further knowledge to support veterinary practice and veterinary professionals.  


Our Grants Funding

  • These grants support clinical veterinary research or research supporting the veterinary profession. Specific funding calls are announced annually. Further details about our next call will be announced shortly.
  • Applications are open to CVS staff and academics from universities or research institutes in the UK, Ireland, Australia and the Netherlands. Applications from practising vets and/or nurses are encouraged.
  • For applications where the lead applicant is from universities/research institutes in UK, Ireland, Australia and the Netherlands, inclusion of a CVS employee within the investigator team is required.
  • Funding of up to £30k per annum is available for up to three years. Funding can be used to cover any direct research costs. This includes salary costs/stipend, consumables and utilities/software specifically required for the research. A maximum of £1,500 for publication costs can be requested.
  • If supporting a PhD project, university funding for student fees is required.

How To Apply

To apply to one of our awards, please follow the guidance for the appropriate award below and email your application to

Please submit the following four documents to apply for a CVS research award:

What happens after you apply?

Your application will undergo a detailed review and scored by at least two members of the CVS Clinical Research Panel (CRP). Each application will be scored on three areas: i) quality and study design, ii) clinical impact and iii) likely productivity of the proposed research.

Applicants with the highest scoring applications will be invited to join a meeting, in person or virtually, to answer specific questions from the panel. We will notify you of our decision shortly after the relevant meeting.

If unsuccessful, you are welcome to resubmit your application once more in a future round of grant calls as long as this is made clear on the application form.

If successful, you will receive a communication confirming the decision outlining total project costs and specifying the date by which the project must commence. We will require a response from you accepting the award and confirming the project start date. All awards will be subject to signed acceptance of the CVS grant university funding agreement or CVS employee terms of agreement.

CRP members may also be applicants. However, CRP members who are also applicants on a project proposal will not be involved in the assessment of such proposals.

The CVS CRP consists of:

  • Chief Veterinary Officer
  • Director of Clinical Research
  • Chair of CVS Ethics Committee
  • SA Clinical Director
  • Equine Clinical Director
  • Farm Animal Director
  • Laboratory Division Director
  • Referrals Division representative
  • Two external members

Download - CVS Clinical Research Award privacy notice (PDF 79KB)

Download - CVS Clinical Research Awards funding agreement (PDF 453KB)