Horse Health Programme

CVS’ Horse Health Programme is a preventative healthcare plan suitable for horses, ponies, and donkeys. It helps owners to proactively organise their horse’s health with regular reminders and includes more products than any other scheme.

For just £13.99 per month, the programme includes:

  • 10% off all veterinary treatment, including medicines and visit fees
  • An annual health check
  • Dental checks and rasps
  • Annual flu and tetanus vaccinations
  • Worming tests and wormers
  • 20% discount on selected lifetime care medicines
  • 10% discount on vet fee insurance
  • Multi-horse discount for each additional horse

The Horse Health Programme offers clients the ability to save money, spread the cost of their horse's preventative healthcare over 12 months, and benefit from additional discounts on their vet bills.

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