Our Services, Products & Clubs

We provide a wide range of high-quality support services to both our clients and their pets, and the wider veterinary profession.

Animed Direct

Our online retail business, Animed Direct, is one of the UK’s biggest sellers of pet care products, including prescription and non-prescription medication, pet food, nutritional products and pet accessories.

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Our 7 pet crematoria and dedicated pet cemetery provide pet cremation and clinical waste services to CVS practices and third party practices, and direct cremations to both small animal and equine owners across the UK. We offer a range of services to help clients remember and say goodbye to their pets.

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The Healthy Pet Club

CVS’ Healthy Pet Club is a pet health care plan for cats, dogs, rabbits, puppies and kittens. It operates in over 450 of our practices in the UK and we have hundreds of thousands of members. The club offers a range of regular veterinary-prescribed preventative health care measures and treatments.  

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Horse Health Programme

CVS’ Horse Health Programme is a preventative healthcare plan suitable for horses, ponies, and donkeys. It provides a large range of treatments and benefits which help owners to proactively organise their horse’s healthcare throughout the year and keep up to date with the latest advice.

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Over three sites, our Laboratory Division offers one of the most extensive, fast and accurate diagnostic services to CVS practices and third party parties in the UK. Our team of 36 experienced pathologists (including ex-government pathologists) are specialists in a variety of disciplines and work with top-of-the-line and cutting-edge kit.  

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MiPet & EqueVet-Pro

MiPet and EqueVet-Pro are both exclusive ranges of high quality and technically advanced veterinary products that can help manage certain conditions, treat acute or chronic illnesses, and help keep a pet in top condition.

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MiPet Cover Insurance

MiPet Cover Insurance provides a choice of annual and lifetime policies for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

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MiVetClub is a buying group for independently owned and operated veterinary practices. It offers a range of products and services.  

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Vet Direct

Vet Direct sells over 14,000 products for the veterinary practice including consumables, retail products, instruments and implants, equipment, diagnostic imaging, surgical furniture, and workwear. 

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VetShare is a buying group which offers a range of products and services to independently owned practices and charities.

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