Interested In Selling Your Practice?

We are looking to expand our network of high quality veterinary practices in the UK. We would love to speak with you regarding your succession plans and talk through the various options available.

Why Choose CVS?

  • Vendors find us an attractive option because we don’t change their practice, name, clinical care and culture.
  • We also look after their team - maintaining and protecting their entitlements, wages and conditions.
  • In addition, we offer a quick and efficient process with completion and transfer of funds in as little as six to eight weeks. 
  • As a stock market listed company, we invest not only for today but also for the future, which means you can be assured that our investment decisions are for the long term. Being publicly listed on the London stock exchange also means that we are held accountable to public scrutiny and operate with far greater transparency than other large, privately held (PE backed) groups.

What veterinary practices are CVS looking for?

We are always looking for good quality practices to join our network. We will look at any veterinary practice, although we prefer ones that have some or all of the following characteristics:

  • Dedicated small animal, equine, farm or referral centres.
  • Practices located in populous areas with good parking on site.
  • Preferably three or four vet minimum surgeries, although smaller practices will be considered where they are close to another CVS practice.
  • Where the present owners are prepared to continue working in the practice, at least for a transition period.
  • Laboratories or other service providers to the profession may also be of interest.

How much is my vet practice worth?

There is no magic formula for this. We look at a number of factors including:

  • Is the business well established with a strong client base showing continued growth?
  • Are the buildings of good quality, with adequate parking, and capable of supporting further expansion?
  • Is the clinical equipment appropriate and in good order?
  • Is the practice accredited under the RCVS Practice Standards Scheme?
  • Has the practice continuously grown its clinical expertise and services, profitably?
  • Most importantly, does the practice have loyal staff who have the appropriate skills and enthusiasm?

Even if your business does not meet all these criteria, please do get in touch - our valuation may still be competitive even allowing for any investment if needed.

Interested In Selling Your Practice?

If you are a veterinary practice owner and thinking of selling your business, simply complete this form and our acquisitions team will be in touch shortly for a confidential chat.

We offer a strictly confidential, free valuation – without obligation. We’ll also talk you through the options, what’s involved in the process of selling a practice and the many advantages of joining CVS.

We offer a strictly confidential, free valuation – without obligation. We’ll also talk you through the options, what’s involved in the process of selling a practice and the many advantages of joining CVS.

Contact Us

Make your practice our priority – for an exploratory chat without obligation, contact:

Emma Gray BSc (hons), MA, VetMB, MRCVS
Acquisitions Director
Telephone: 07879 696128

Chris Billington
Acquisitions Director
Telephone: 07879 790170

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Hear From Our Accquisitions

Over the years many independent veterinary practices have joined our group. Here are some of the things they have said:

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We are pleased to have joined CVS. Being part of a large group brings us all a measure of security, a wealth of support, and additional career opportunities for staff, whilst enabling us to continue to offer the clinical service on which we have based our reputation.

Mark Bush and Martin Owen, formers owners and Orthopaedic Specialists at East of England Veterinary Specialists referral hospital
Quote ends
Quote starts

We take the health and wellness of our clients’ pets very seriously and wanted to continue to offer them the exceptional care they deserve. We also have a passion for training and mentoring a new generation of vets and veterinary nurses - who are the future of our profession. So we are pleased to join the CVS Group as we know that they strongly believe in the same vision and values as we do.

John and Beate Buxton, formers owners and Clinical Directors at Market Cross first opinion small animal practice
Quote ends
Quote starts

Seadown has thrived as a practice for almost 100 years, serving the animals of the New Forest and surrounding communities. We have always prided ourselves in providing the highest standards of clinical care, combined with an excellent working environment for our staff. Our move to become part of CVS ensures we can continue to provide our high quality services with the added investment and support a larger veterinary group can provide. CVS’ commitment to the profession and the wellbeing of their staff was a key factor in our decision to join the group.

Laura Trigg, former owner and Clinical Director at Seadown Vets small animal hospital, equine practice and two first opinion practices
Quote ends

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