Angela Rayner, CVS Director of Quality Improvement

CVS Group publishes latest Quality Improvement report

6th February 2020

CVS Group has issued its second annual Quality Improvement (QI) report 2019 and presented it at SPVS Annual Congress where Angela Rayner, CVS Director of Quality Improvement, spoke to a delegation on Systems Thinking for Safe Practice.

The foundation of Quality Improvement is now well established and CVS is proactively promoting a culture where the realities of practice life are discussed openly and honestly leading to shared learnings, which feature in the report.  There are over 200 Heads of Quality Improvement in practices and regional Clinical Leads who help promote and develop QI across CVS.

There have been several new initiatives in the period including breaking new ground in antimicrobial use and partnering with SAVSNET to promote appropriate use of high priority, critically important antibiotics.  CVS practices are accredited on the RCVS Practice Standard Scheme with over 130 practices having achieved Outstanding Awards, leading the way amongst the corporate groups in the number of Awards achieved.

Angela Rayner, CVS Director of Quality Improvement, commented, “CVS is committed to supporting practice teams in continuous quality improvement to deliver the highest standard of veterinary care.​  I am proud that we are developing the culture across the Group and that we are seeing the positive impact of doing so transparently through an open culture of dialogue, so that we can share how we can improve, providing the best care to our patients and clients.  We must remember that when we get this right, it also provides mental health and wellbeing benefits to our colleagues.”