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CVS release fourth annual Quality Improvement Report

16th August 2022

This fourth edition of the CVS Quality Improvement Report pays tribute to our practice and support teams who faced the challenges of 2021 head on together, whilst keeping quality at the heart of care.

2021 still found the world firmly in the grips of COVID-19, whilst CVS colleagues adapted to life in PPE and continued to strive to ensure animals received the best possible care. Given the pet ownership boom during the pandemic, and managing lockdowns and illness, this was undeniably a feat of heroic proportions.

The report highlights first steps taken in recovery from COVID ways of working by focusing on what is needed in the local team environment.  This included enabling our nurses to develop and utilise their professional skills, using clinical audit as a tool for improvement and exploring technology as a means to improve surgical outcomes.

Angela Rayner, CVS Director of Quality Improvement says: “In quality improvement, the work is never done, but celebrating what we achieve keeps us going.  This report is a celebration of CVS teams, whose care and passion for what they do never ceases to be inspiring.  I am grateful to all the wonderful colleagues at CVS for making this report possible.”