Bell Equine Veterinary Clinic installs pioneering CT scanner for patients

8th May, 2024

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New system provides the most accurate diagnosis so optimal treatment plans can be created

A leading equine veterinary clinic in Maidstone has invested in a pioneering new CT system to provide the most accurate diagnosis and treatment plans for its equine patients.

Bell Equine Veterinary Clinic was the first equine hospital in the world to install an equine ‘standing leg’ MRI scanner, and is now the first clinic in the UK to install this new state-of-the-art CT system.

The new Qalibra CT scanner produces high resolution medical-grade images, and its software allows complex 3D reconstructions to be generated. This enables Bell Equine vets to give accurate diagnosis of both soft tissue and bone abnormalities in horses, and for optimal treatment plans to be created for patients.

The CT scanner is revolutionary in its design. It is mounted on a height adjustable platform to allow the whole gantry to move around the horse. This means that for scanning many areas of the body (like the head and lower legs), horses can be imaged standing (under sedation), removing the need and risks of general anaesthesia and making CT imaging safer and more practical.

The Qalibra design also allows imaging under general anaesthesia of anatomical areas not previously possible in traditional CT scanners. These include the equine elbow, shoulder, stifle, pelvis and caudal cervical and cranial thoracic spine. 

In addition, the height-adjustable platform of the Qalibra allows the comfortable placement of each part of the horse within the gantry. Because positioning is tailored to each individual animal, there is excellent patient compliance, which speeds up CT scanning time and ensures the highest quality images are taken.

Bell Equine has a specific team of advanced imaging technicians and radiologists, including four highly experienced large animal radiologists. In addition to their imaging expertise, they also have a wealth of practical experience in equine orthopaedics, surgery and medicine.

Tim Mair, Specialist in Equine Internal Medicine and Associate Member of the European College of Diagnostic Imaging at Bell Equine Veterinary Clinic, said:  

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“Bell Equine Veterinary Clinic is very proud to be the first clinic to install the Qalibra system in the UK. This is the most up-to-date CT scanner for horses, giving the highest quality images and the ability to scan more quickly, as well as allowing access to parts of the horse that it was not previously possible to image with CT. We hope that it significantly benefits all of our equine patients and their owners in this region.”  

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