CVS launches Level 5 Diploma in Advanced Veterinary Nursing (Emergency and Critical Care)

3rd Apr, 2024

  • Career Development

CVS’ Chester Veterinary Training Centre (CVTC) will launch the new VetSkill VTEC Level 5 Diploma in Advanced Veterinary Nursing (Emergency and Critical Care) this May 2024.

It is the first time this Ofqual-regulated qualification has been offered to small animal first opinion practice nurses in the UK.

The new Level 5 qualification is designed for Registered Veterinary Nurses (RVNs) who have been qualified for at least six months, and who have access to working in an emergency and critical care (ECC) environment. It will help them to advance their knowledge and skills in ECC to a mastery level. Students passing the course will gain post nominals, and be placed on a register of Advanced Nurse Practitioners.

Six modules will be covered during the advanced certificate, to offer students a full grounding in nursing ECC patients. They include; the fundamentals of emergency and critical care; management of emergency and critical patient presentations; management of the emergency and critical patient; interventions for the emergency and critical patient; transfusion medicine; and collaborative practice and wellbeing within the emergency and critical care setting.

The ECC nursing course will be taught online, with live tutor sessions and webinars, supported by an interactive virtual learning platform. It will last 12-18 months, with enrolment through CVTC and facilitated by advanced veterinary nurse tutors within the CVS Learning Education and Development team.

Jacqueline Evans, Head of CVS’ CVTC, said:  

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“Demand for ECC training is a big area of interest for RVNs. So we are delighted to be the first centre approved to run the much anticipated L5 advanced diploma in ECC.

This robust and regulated qualification will help RVNs gain mastery skills and knowledge in ECC. It’s designed for those RVNs seeking career development opportunities, and those looking to further their knowledge and practical skills within this specific specialist area. We are excited to be able to support the students on this journey to gain this accredited qualification.”

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Established in 2009, CVS’ CVTC is an approved training provider with the ESFA, RCVS and VetSkill. It specialises in training Student Nurses (SVNs) and Patient Care Assistants, and offers apprenticeships in level 3 Diploma in Veterinary Nursing and the level 2 Certificate in Veterinary Care Support, along with Level 5 Advanced Veterinary Nursing (Practice Nurse) and OSCE Practical Revision Days. These courses are in addition to the extensive internal nursing CPD created by the CVS learning education and development team which is offered to all CVS nurses. This internal training covers a wide range of clinical and non-clinical topics and practical courses like Schedule 3, CPR and a new ultrasound course coming soon.

The Centre has been categorised as a Good by OFSTED, following a full inspection conducted in November 2022. Whilst in December 2022, the centre exceeded national average ‘first time pass rates’ in almost all veterinary nursing modules, according to VetSkill data. The facility has also recently been ranked Excellent by its employers as an apprentice provider on the government apprentice service.

The VetSkill VTEC Level 5 Diploma in Advanced Veterinary Nursing (Emergency and Critical Care) will be open to students at CVS’ CVTC in May. To apply, veterinary nurses should visit the CVTC website and complete an application form or email the Centre.