CVS launches new Farm Vet Exchange Programme

16th Oct, 2023

  • Career Development

Scheme open to all 120 vets within its family of 12 farm practices

CVS is launching a new Farm Vet Exchange Programme to give farm vets of all levels the opportunity to spend time at another farm practice to develop their knowledge, skills and experience.

Launching this Autumn, it is one of the only programmes of its type in the veterinary sector and will run throughout the year.

The CVS Farm Vet Exchange Programme will be open to all 120 of its farm vets and will operate within all 12 of its farm practices in the England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Each CVS farm vet will be able to go on one exchange every year and every placement will last between three to five days.

The subject matter of each exchange will be bespoke and vet-led, rather than following a specific programme. This will mean each participating vet has the freedom to explore their own individual areas of interest. For example; an experienced practitioner may wish to study advanced breeding techniques such as artificial insemination and embryo transfer; a new graduate may be keen to assist with a run of bovine caesareans during a spring week; or an enthusiastic individual may hope to set up a flock health club or bench-marking group.

It is expected that the exchange programme will also help to build strong links within the wider CVS Farm Animal team, meaning individuals will have a network of support for their new skillset.

To apply to join the programme CVS has created a dedicated farm vet exchange page on its unique Knowledge Hub learning and development online platform. Here applicant vets can find out more information about the exchanges, outline the learning outcomes they would like to develop during their exchange, and complete an ‘expression of interest’ form. This then connects them with the practice they have opted to visit, so that they can be booked in.

Harriett Chapman, Farm Animal LED Lead at CVS, said:

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“We are a large farm veterinary team. Within our group we have colleagues who are enormously experienced in different fields, often as a result of the cases presented in their geographic location. We know our vets want to share this knowledge – as it is valuable to individual colleagues and their respective practice.

“The major benefits of our new exchange programme is that it is open to all vets of all different levels of experience and provides bespoke learning opportunities tailored to each individual. It will also create connections, so experienced colleagues can support an exchange student with their new skillset when they are back within their own practice.”

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