Our practices

CVS Netherlands has both first-line and referral clinics in small animals, equine and farm animals. There is a close cooperation between our first-line clinics and referral clinics throughout the Netherlands. This allows us to provide our patients the best possible veterinary care. Thanks to this unique collaboration, patient and client are always in good hands.

Network of knowledge and expertise

From preventive and curative care at our first line clinics to highly specialized care such as orthopaedic surgery or ophthalmology at our referral clinics: we have a network of veterinary clinics where excellent cooperation and optimal knowledge are key focus, and where an excellent workplace for veterinarians and veterinary nurses is provided. We invest in the development of our people and facilities. Clinical developments are closely monitored and are an important aspect of all our training. Our teams are not only the familiar face to our clients, but also our most valuable ‘tool’ in delivering excellent veterinary care.

Better together

Our clinics work closely together to provide the best possible veterinary care. Our veterinarians and veterinary nurses can concentrate and develop their own field.

Our larger clinics have high-tech and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for more complex care. They have specializations such as surgery, diagnostic imaging and exotic species. When necessary, clients can be referred to a CVS clinic for a specific treatment.

We think it is important to invest in our clinics, to grow and full fill future plans. CVS has more than 20 years of experience in integrating practices. We have over 500 practices in the UK, Netherlands and Republic of Ireland which gives us a lot of experience and a large and professional support team.