Battle Flatts Veterinary Group

battle_flatts2Here at Battle Flatts Vets, we pride ourselves for the first class, professional service that we provide, as outlined by our mission statement:

“To deliver an efficient, caring, friendly service to patients and clients alike. To provide professional satisfaction through fulfilling careers for all our staff and to maintain our financial viability to enable investment, development and reward”

The clinic carries a comprehensive range of equipment and facilities to enable us to give your pet the utmost and latest in veterinary care.

Here at Battle Flatts Veterinary Clinic we provide treatment to a wide variety of patients from Giraffes to Gerbils, so, as you can imagine, life is never dull. The vets in the practice travel over a 30-mile radius from Stamford Bridge, which amounts to nearly 3,000 square miles! This means occasionally they are out on the road all day without landing back at the practice until late in the evening. To ensure that they stay in permanent contact with the practice all the vets carry mobile phones. Each vet also carries a pager, so that even if they are stitching a horse up, we can page them to let them know that an emergency has come in, and they can ring the practice for details as soon as they are free.

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Practices in this group

Battle Flatts Veterinary Clinic – Norton

43 St Nicholas Street, Norton, YO17 9AQ

Tel: 01653 697299

Battle Flatts Veterinary Clinic – Pocklington

88 Kilnwick Road, YO42 2JZ

Tel: 01759 307500

Battle Flatts Veterinary Clinic – Stamford Bridge

2 Buttercrambe Road, YO41 1AN

Tel: 01759 371066

Battle Flatts Veterinary Clinic – Strensall

38 The Village, YO32 5XR

Tel: 01904 490055