Beechwood Veterinary Hospital

Beechwood Veterinary Hospital is the oldest established veterinary practice in Doncaster

Whilst still providing the many thousands of clients within Doncaster with an excellent facility for everyday general pet healthcare, Beechwood Veterinary Hospital has expanded and now offers more specialised treatment to, not only existing clients from Doncaster but also clients from many other practices around the region.

Hospital status was achieved by Beechwood in 2001. The term ‘Veterinary Hospital’ cannot be used by just any veterinary practice. In order to be worthy of the title ‘Veterinary Hospital’ a practice has to meet a rigid set of criteria. This not only involves purchasing equipment and obtaining new clinical skills but also constantly monitoring and improving areas as diverse as hygiene, health and safety and building design.

To be awarded and to maintain the title `Veterinary Hospital` a lengthy independent inspection as regulated by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons is regularly performed.

The title `Veterinary Hospital` indicates that such a practice is able to provide the highest standard of veterinary care. We are proud that Beechwood Veterinary Hospital is able to offer this level of care to the animals of the region.

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Beechwood Veterinary Hospital

51 Bawtry Road, DN4 7AA

Tel: 01302 534999