Dierenziekenhuis Drachten

Dierenziekenhuis Drachten is a medical center for small animals located in Drachten, Friesland.

Acquired by CVS in November  2016, the animal hospital has specialist knowledge and is equipped with all the necessary modern diagnostic and treatment equipment to examine, treat and operate your pet when necessary.

In addition to primary care, animal owners from all over the country come to the clinic for second-line care. Your veterinarian can refer you to us with your pet for a second opinion, specific diagnostics, treatment or surgery.

Animal Hospital Drachten is also an accredited Cat Friendly Clinic, having received the gold award. From preventive care to advanced second-line care, your animal is in good hands with us.

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Dierenziekenhuis Drachten

De Bolder 74, 9206 AR

Tel: 0031 512 513 627