staff member

David Wilton

Non-Executive Director

Appointment to the Board
David was appointed to the Board in September 2021.
Career and experience
David is a qualified Chartered Accountant with more than 30 years’ post-qualification experience as a Chief Financial Officer, Non-Executive Director (NED) and consultant after many years in corporate finance, primarily in mid-cap M&A with Rothschilds. David has held roles in both public and private equity backed companies including as CFO of Sumo Group plc, Group Finance Director of WYG plc and NED and Chair of the Audit Committee of Sweett Group plc. With effect from 22 September 2022, David was appointed as NED and Chair Designate at Frontier Developments plc, due to take over as Chair in December 2022.
Committee membership
David is Chair of the Audit Committee, and is a member of all three Board Committees.