CVS opens new small animal and equine crematoria in Paignton

31st Jul, 2023

  • New Developments & Relocations

CVS has opened a new pet crematorium in Paignton to offer a compassionate cremation service for small companion animals, horses, ponies and donkeys at the end of their life.

Originally located in Exeter, Valley Pet & Equine Crematorium has relocated to Paignton where it has been designed and extended to offer additional services to those requiring equine cremations.

The new state-of-the-art crematorium will offer clients both individual and communal cremation services for their pets. Families can choose to have their pet’s ashes returned to them in a casket, urn or keepsake of their choosing.

For horses, ponies and donkeys, Valley is now able to offer dignified equine cremation services. Its large equine cremator enables the cremation of horses in their entirety. The crematorium has also introduced an equine collection service[1] serving the South West, which is free within the first 50 miles.

Valley Pet and Equine Crematorium has a dedicated team of Aftercare Advisors who listen to each client’s wishes and carefully guide them through choosing a service to celebrate and remember the life of their companion.

Two new rooms of remembrance have been built to enable clients to spend time with their pet before the cremation takes place. The crematorium is also able to offer a range of keepsakes for clients to remember their pets, including paw prints and token fur and ash keepsakes to treasure.

To give clients and veterinary practices reassurance that they are indeed getting the same pet back, Valley has also introduced a unique traceability element into their processes. A unique reference number accompanies the pet throughout the journey, all the way to when the ashes are being placed into the chosen casket, scatter tube, or urn.

When rebuilding the site, Valley Pet and Equine Crematorium have installed brand new cremators. These cremators are technologically advanced, state-of-the-art machines that cremate more efficiently and are considerably cleaner, reducing the site’s carbon footprint. For every pet received for individual cremation, CVS The Pet Crematoria Family will make a donation to the National Trust tree planting initiative, which aims to establish 20 million native trees by 2030.

Steve Twomey, Director of Crematoria at CVS, said:

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"As pet owners, we understand what it’s like to lose a beloved pet. It is treating every pet as if they were our own pet and treating every client as if they were our relative.

“The cremation service we offer at the end of a pet’s life is a critical part of our service to our clients and our practices. We want to provide an excellent standard of care, compassion and dignity.

“So we have taken care to give clients a personalised individual cremation service and to create the right spaces where clients can spend time with and commemorate their pets. We have also paid particular attention to ensuring traceability throughout, so that each pet can be reunited with their owner at the end.”

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Valley Pet & Equine Crematorium is part of CVS’ The Pet Crematoria family. It operates six dedicated pet crematoria across the UK which serve their local communities, veterinary practices, hospitals and animal charities.

CVS Group operates across small animal, farm animal, equine, laboratories and crematoria, with over 500 veterinary practices and referral centres in the UK, the Republic of Ireland and the Netherlands. In the last five years the company has invested nearly £80 million in its sites, facilities and equipment, in addition to industry leading training and support, to give the best possible care to animals. For more information about careers with CVS Group, visit


[1] Including a new custom-built equine collection vehicle