CVS sets stretching new sustainability targets for 2024

11th Oct, 2023

Group achieves 12% reduction in energy use in 2023 & colleague engagement improves and attrition falls.

View the CVS 2023 Sustainability Report

CVS Group has, for the first time, set stretching targets with the aim of becoming a more sustainable company.

The new targets reflect the continued improvement that the company is aiming to achieve across its six Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) programmes[1].

They include targets to significantly reduce the company’s environmental impact: reducing energy use by 5% and cutting medical waste and waste[2] disposed of by incineration by 5% in the year to July 2024.

Ensuring that the company is developing its people, that their wellbeing is supported and that they feel included are also important sustainability programmes. The company is therefore targeting an increase in its employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), a measure of colleague engagement, and to reduce its attrition rate by 5%. The eNPS score grew from +4.8 to +14.6 during CVS’ financial year.

Richard Fairman, CEO of CVS Group said:

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“Our Environmental, Social and Governance strategy is based on our care for animals, people and the environment.

“Since 2022 our ESG programmes have been galvanising a company-wide effort involving our people, and suppliers. In 2023, we now understand better the metrics we need to target and how much we can achieve. These new targets are ambitious and show our intent to become a more sustainable company.”

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The new targets are outlined in CVS’s 2023 Sustainability Report, which reports on progress on the company’s six ESG workstreams.

In Energy and Carbon, for example, the company has implemented carbon reduction initiatives that have contributed to a reduction in energy use of 12.3% and carbon footprint by 11.1%.

To protect the environment and public health CVS has also updated its antibiotics prescribing guidelines and created practice digital dashboards resulting in a 20% decrease in Highest Priority Critically Important Antibiotics (HPCIAs) prescribed by small animal practices in 24 months.

CVS progress and targets are outlined in the company’s 2023 Sustainability Report from page 10 to 26.

[1] Energy & Carbon, Waste, One Health, People Development, Wellbeing, Equity Diversity and Inclusion

[2] Medical